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Reflection on the Movie

To tell you the truth i actually enjoyed the late night movie. We got to bring snacks, and drinks and have a good old time. The movie was quiet a amusing too. I enjoyed the way the portrayed the cirgarette salesman. Laid back and could turn anything into a "you lose, i win" agrument. He could make everyone in the room believe that he was right. He could grab their attention and minuplate even the highest courts. He made everything seem like no big deal. I envy that. The abilty to have so much confidence in yourself that nothing can stop you.

The educational aspect though, is the most important. This movie taught you how to form and agrument. It taught how to present it, and prove that you are right. The sad thing is, is that i cannot even remember the name of the movie.....I think it was "Thank You For Smoking." But, none the less, it was very good. I would encourage any reader to watch the movie, really watch the movie, and take something from it.