Even though I believe that work does not define a person, in this day and age it seemingly does. Now, dont get me wrong, i am not saying you specifically judge someone buy their profession, but society in general does. We look at doctors and lawyers, and think that they are the shit. The make the most money and lead the best lives. People need to look at who the person really is.

However, people tend to lose sight, and automatially assume that some that works in a steele mill leads a grundgy life, with no puspose. In fact I will go as far as to say that they are looked down upon. These are the same people that half a century ago were the backbone of our country, and really defined what America was all about. So all I am saying is that the next time you come along someone in the middle of their job, dont be quick to judge them. Doing what you enjoy should make you happy, but shouldn't define the person that you are.