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Whenever I come across a break in the school year, for example Thanksgiving or Christmas break, I get very excited and cannot wait to go home and see everyone. However, i also realize that at some point I must come home, and i dread when that moment comes. I know that I have to get back into the routine of school and begin my workout schedule at the rec center again. When I get back I tend to feel a little homesick, and sometimes whish I was still back in high school. I mean lets face it, I did little homework and played sports, I was basically living my dream life and I want that back.

I know now that Christmas break will now be even worse. It lasts about a month, and I am afraid that I will be in so much of my old routine, that it will be hard for me to trasition back to "college" mode. However, I will take each step in stride and am looking forward to Christmas break as is most everyone else.