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Christmans Break

I am already looking past Thanksgiving break. I know that most people are excited to go home for Thanksgiving break, but to me it is only four days. This is barley enough time to unpack your bags, and have stuffing. Don't get me wrong, I love to go home and see the family and be around them, but four days seems like nothing. It leaves me no free time to see old friends. Christmas break on the otherhand gives me plenty of time to do the things I want. It allows me to spend a substancial amount of time with friends and family, while being able to relax and vegitate on my own time.

Also, there is a nice layering of snow every year where I come from during Christmas break. It makes Christmas that much better, and enables you to enjoy it that much more. Winter is probably the best time of the year. Except for the cold. In conclusion, I cannot wait for Thanksgiving break, but am looking forward to Christmas break even more.