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Do you honestly do what you say?

Earlier this week something was brought to my attention that truly made me think, i mean really think deeply. Many people say one thing and dont really live up to it, are they being true to themselves? I applied this to myself, and found out, according to the previous statement, that i was not living up to what I said. Two of the phrases I try to lead my life by are, "No Fear," and "Only the strong survive." These two phrases came from my high school sports experiences. Besides my parents, sports have been the second largest influence in my life. Having "No Fear" means that you take risks. At one major point in my life I made a decision to come to the University of Minnesota instead of pursuing a college football career. I thought at the time that i was making a wise decision to come to Minnesota for academic purposes, and it finally came to my attetion that i missed out on playing football and Uinversity of Wisconsin LaCrosse, or other D3 schools. I didn't live up to my saying, and know I am wondering if I should pursue football next year. So next time you think of what to put on your tombstone (not the pizza), be sure you can back it up.