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We all know that soon after Thanksgiving break many of us will be preparing for out finals. These will be the first finals of our college career. I know, at least for me, back in high school, i would usually only study the night before and still be able to do pretty well on the exams. However, in college i have found out, with mid-terms, that you must study in advance. I am not looking forward to these at all. The only good thing i can take out of this is after we are finished with the exams, we will be able to head home for a long time over Christmas break. That will be the only thing that gets me through the next month.

It is hard right now to motivate yourself to study. Most kids want to sleep in on a Saturday and Sunday, because they are tired from the night before. So that leaves you with Saturday afternoon (if there isn't a football game) and Sunday afternoon and night, which is when most kids study. I guess I will just have to deal with it, and keep telling myself that if I study hard, I will feel much better about myself over Christmas break. Motivation is the key, the hard thing to do is to get yourself motivated.