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Seven Up

I must say that I have enjoyed the video so far. Very entertaining, and it is interesting to see how the children have developed over the seven year span. It goes to show how people can change, form their own ideas and opinions. It makes me wonder if I did some of those same things when i was younger. I also noticed how much more independent the children became. However, it seemed like their parents still had a very large impact on how they thought and what they did. But, I think at age 14 I still listened to my parents. But you had kids in the video in boarding schools, and trade schools.

They also seemed to have a more sifisticated speech. I know for a fact that i did not talk like that at age 14, and i dont think i will ever talk like that. I am excitied to see how much more they have changed at age 21. It is real interesting to see how many of them actually ended up doing what they said they would. Many did, but some changed their mind.