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21 Up

I would have to say that I enjoyed this portion of the movie the most. When they are older they were able to go back and reflect on what they have said when they were seven and when they were forteen. I was surprised to see where some of them wound up. Many of these children had their lives planned out for them and had a pretty stable idea of what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go. With their lives pretty set at such young age, it was interesting to see how much they have changed mentally. A few of them wound up actually doing what they set out to do at age seven, and some didn't. The ones that didn't surprised me because after all the talking they had done, they didn't carry live up to it near the end.

Now, I am not saying that you have to live they life that you set aside for yourself at the age of seven, hell I can't even remember what I wanted to do at age seven. All I know is that i want to live a happy life, one that I enjoy and love to wake up to every morning. Doing what you love to do should be your ultimate goal, and sometimes it takes a while to figure it out, or get to where you want to be.