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Do College Professors Really Enjoy Teaching?

In my opinion, especially at a research university like Minnesota, there are many teachers who dislike the idea of educating students. They are here to explore and find out new information through their research. They have no real basis for teaching. They just want to get you in and out and on your way. How are students supposed to get excited, and upbeat about learning when their professors cant even get excited about it. It is there responsibilty to teach to students and to educate them. They need to do their jobs.

I personally dont have any teachers that are like this, i guess i am lucky. The teachers i have actually enjoy teaching the young minds of tomorrow with their knowledge. There should be no question, especially in college, that the professors teaching these courses should have some enjoyment each day they step into the classroom. They should inspire kids, and some dont do that , and if they dont they should check out other job opportunity.