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Finals are Finally Here

I am not going to lie to you finals honestly suck. I do not know a single person who enjoys them. They always seem to creep up on you, and when the time comes I seriously want to go hide in a freakin corner. There is just no need for them. If someone is a hard worker and do their homework, then they have earned a good grade. They only real positive aspect of finals is that they are curved and most times teachers will be gernerous. I have absolutly no modivation to study and cannot wait until they are over.

I know deep down inside that I will study. If i do not study then I personally don't feel like i did everything I could have and my winter break will suck. I am dreading it right now just thinking about them. I get very nervous. I can easily study a subject, but once the final comes I get very nervous and tense up. This enables me to remember some of the material that i previously studied. The bottom line is that I know i will be stuying this semester, but it freakin sucks.