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The Colbert Report

This is probably one of the best shows I have had the honor to watch in long time. Not only is it funny, but it makes you think. It is comes across as a type of political satire, and I am proud to say the most republicans do not realize that most of the comedic punch lines are directed towards them. It is halirous to see how Stephen Colbert portrayes a republican on the show. He comes across as one by playing to their sterotypes, and does a good job with it. One interview on his series "Better Know a District" he interviewed a congressman who wanted to post the gen comandments on the wall of the Senate and the House. The congressman wanted everyone to read them as they sat and did their work. He also thought of them as guidelines to follow while making decisions. Well, a little later in the interview the congressman was asked to name the ten comandments and was unable to give an answer. It honestly took five minutes to laugh it off, then I came to the realization that he actually couldn't repeat them. I was stunned, and applauded Mr. Colbert on calling him out.