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The Office

I just found out recently a new show called "The Office." This might not be a new show, but I haven't seen a TV show in a while because I dont have cable in my room. I must say though that this show is halirous. I like comedy a lot and another favorite show of mine is Seinfeld. "The Office" is not the same kind of funny as Seinfeld, but it still makes you laugh. It takes place in an office setting. There are accountants, salespeople and the boss. Steve Carrol plays the boss so you can only imagine how much funnier the show is.

The people in the office get along well, and it is a very laid back envrironment to say the least. For all the women out there, there is a romance between two office workers in the works. This is a great show and i recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh. This show makes me wonder way the residence halls do not have cable. Most other institutions provide cable, while we dont. It is very surprising considering that we are one of the largest universities.