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I realize that I am up very early, but I couldn't really sleep to well last night. I was studying late and just never really was tired enough to go to bed. I know I talked about Halo 2 in the past, but today I would like to talk about an old game that I am just recently starting to enjoy to play. This game is Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64. I love this game. I usually go over to my buddies to play it, and we usually play eachother pretty close. It has just hard enough challenges so that it makes you want more. You want to be able to overcome and defeat it. My friend and I will literall y spend hours playing this game just to see who has bragging rights for the next few days. I know on some minds this seems very sad, but to me it is almost a way of life.

I have always enjoyed playing videogames, and it gives me a chance to get away from the other stresses of life. It takes your mind off of the last exam or quiz you took, and forces you to have fun. It is a great stress reliever but can also be very addicting. So just be careful