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Winter Break

The first point I would like to make is that this is a much needed break. I need to be done with finals and put the stresses of school on hold for about a month. I need to see my family and friends, and catch up on old times. I need to sit down and play halo 2 with my buddies and have some good laughs. I need some of my aunties apple pie, and my moms famous oatmeal cookies. I need to visit my high school, which for the most part provided a foundation for who I am today. I need to visit old teachers, and underclassman. I need to go sledding and afterwards chill out in a hot tub.

But most of all, I need snow. Like Minnesota, much of Wisconsin is without snow. I have always known Christmas to have snow. It would be such a change. It would eliminate some of the spirit and happiness. What is the point of cold without snow. I need winter break and I need it bad. But first, I need to get through finals, and finish out the semester strong.