December 12, 2006

Pre-Winter Break Preporations

I dont know if all of the freshman know this but, after we all leave the residence halls the CA's will be going around and doing room searches. They will not only be looking for alcohol, but to make sure that everyone has done the appropiate things before they leave. For example, unplugging the various cords, turning your heat on low, defrosting your freezer and general maintanance. Does anyone else think that this is an invasion of privacy. I mean who has the right to come in and check to make sure the one area that I have to myself, and by the way have paid for, is up to his or her standards. This is not something I agree with.

This is just another time consuming thing to have to do, and it is not like they give you time. According to the rules, you have to be out of the residence halls exactly one hour after your last final. How in the hell are they supposed to check that. This is a dumbass way to go about closing for winter break.

December 10, 2006

Green Bay Packers

I know I have already written about the Green Bay Packers but, they came away with a victory today and currently stand at 5-8. Now I realize they have really no chance of making the playoffs but, I think this year is a good step on reclaiming their dominance in the NFC North and eventually the entire league. Thats right, I am predicting in 2-3 years the Packers will be back on top. They are building right now, and depending on when Rodgers takes over, they will find themselves atop the league once again. They have a lot of talent to look forward too, and only good things can come of it.

Now I know they only played the 49ers this weekend, but I did see somethings I liked. They reminded me of the Packers of old. I also understand that there will be bumps in the road, and that they Pack might not make it to .500 this year. But I like the direction that they are headed in. I am excited for next, so every fan in the NFC North, watch out for the Pack.

December 9, 2006

Mission Impossible III

Alright, this is by far the best movie I have seen all year. It has action, romance, and most of all it makes you think. In fact you will probably have to see it twice in order to pick up on things that you did not understand the first time. Tom Cruise plays an excellent undercover agent, and the villion in this movie is such a hardass. He is so quick on his feet, and nothin at all phases this guy. Not to spoil the movie, but the villion is literally hung by a thread out of a moving plane at an altitude of very high. While he is hung from this plane he still has the presents of mind to get Tom Crusies name (Ethan Hunt). This is crucial because he can now terrorize his family.

However Tom Cruise is Tome Cruise in this movie. He does an excellent job. He plays his role to prefection. Tom keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times. There isn't a point im the movie where you aren't wondering if he will survive or not. And the good part about this is that they leave you in suspense in the end so they has to be a sequal.

December 6, 2006

Not Wanting to Study

Everyone knows that studying sucks, only a select few actually enjoy it, and that is ok. But lets face it, finals are coming up and I am looking forward to break. I want to get back home and see my friends and party like old days. I want to see my extended family over Christmas, and be able to have a month to myself. The only obstacle standing in my way are finals. They are just looming in the distance, almost laughing at you. You might fear them or you might not, might not even give a shit. But to me, I have to try my best with them.

To me if I dont try my best not only am I going against my personal philosophy, but I will not be able to face myself. I will not be able to go home over break and throughly enjoy it, knowing i tried my best. So I will definitely be studying these coming weekends, and making use of my time. Also the fear of the finals, is what drives me. It pushes me.

November 19, 2006

Ohio State vs. Michigan

Yes, this game deserves to be in the category, "Out of This World." This was basically the BCS championship game, before the bowl games even started. This was a good game to watch too. It was close for basically the entire game, and always kept you on the edge of your seat. There was truly something special about each play, whether is was Troy Smith connecting with Ted Ginn Jr., or Hart taking it in for a twenty yard scamper, it truly was a battle of the one and two seed teams in the country. We all knew that the winner of this game would go to the National Title game, however the question was would these two teams end up playing eachother for a second time for the national title.

The BCS standings finally came out today, and had Ohio State and number one and Michigan at number two. In my opinion, these two team should battle eachother once more for the natinoal championship. They are the best two teams in the county and they proved it Saturday evening. Without a doubt, if the title game is supposed to host the one and two seed teams then Ohio State and Michigan should face eachother again the BCS Championship game.

November 12, 2006


All you Vikings fans out there are probably morning over your loss. Thats right, the Green Bay Packers came into the Metrodome and beat you, in your house, on your turf. Favre had an amazing game along with driver. Let me say this right now Driver should go to the pro bowl, and Favre is having a much better year than he did last year. They drafted pretty well, and picked some good free agents, even though Charles Woodson should be doing a l ot better. Lets not forget about the defense....

Lets just face the facts. The Packers defense is going to be good. It is decent right now, but in the near future it will be good. AJ Hawk is having a solid rookie year and Barnett is coming into his own. KGB is have an alright year, and will most likely do bette next year. Now for the rising star. Aaron Kampman is having a break-out year. He has 9.5 sacks through week nine, which leads the NFL and is a darkhorse to win the NFC Defensive Player of the Year. he will more than likely go to the pro bowl. That is all that needs to be said for now. I will get back to you next week.

October 29, 2006


I would like to say first, it is not out of this world that the Packers lost, and infact we are making it a habit the past few games. To all you Vikings fans out there, I am going to say one thing..........We will finish ahead of you in the division. They are playing good football as of late, and yes I know they just played the Cardinals, but this is the same cardinal team that should have beat the Bears. Favre is looking better than last year and with Ahmad Carroll out our secondary is already better.

Next season will be even better. We are a young team, and are gaining experience each and every game. Jennings is going to be a playmaker, and Driver is already a game changer. Hawk is going to be a supestar and Al Harris and Charles Woodson compliment eachother nicely. Not many people expected much from this franchise, especially with a new coach, but they are heading in the right direction.Wihtin the next few years the Green Bay Packers will be back atop the NFC North.

October 11, 2006

Response to Kim Jong Il Entry

There are new revolations with the North Korean crisis. Ya, thats right I am calling this a crisis. In my previous piece I talked about how we found out about this explosion because it registered in South Korea. However, new evidence tells us that this was a small explosion. So....this can only mean a couple of things. Either they tested a bunch of contemporary bombs or that the nuclear test was a failure. The U.S. belives that it is a failed test.

This makes me a little more at ease. However, I am still nervous. So it was a failure...this does not mean that they will not get it right. And I know that we are not on Kim Jong Il's good list by any stretch of the imagination. Yet I try to stay optimistic, and plus I have midterms this week so those are taking up most of my thoughts right now. So until next time, try to stay calm. I will be sure to keep everyone who reads this (might only be me) updated on what is going on in North Korea.

October 10, 2006

Kim Jong Il

So i take it you have all heard the news. North Korea, had just recently, detinated a nuclear weapon in designated testing area. We heard of this detination through South Korea because the explosion registered a 4.2 or 4.6 there-abouts on a scale. Should we be concerend? I mean they are testing them, so doesnt that mean that sooner or later they will use them? And arent we their main targert? AM I THE ONLY ONE WORRIED HERE!

But let me take a more right winged approach to this concern..........I mean if they bomb us, then we will come back with even more power and bomb the shit out of them, and leave behind a freakin wasteland. Ya, thats right, we'll show them whose boss. Now we have North Korea pissed at us, not to mention the other nuclear contries that might get involved. It seems like our country has gone from bad to worse within the last eight years ..... ........ hmmmmmmmmmmm i wonder why? For more halirous outakes just go to Stephen Colbert's home page and listen to his video feeds.

September 26, 2006

Reflection on Unravel Courses

I guess this not really "Out Of This World" type material, but I did not get a lot of information out of these courses. I realize that these lessons help you, especially in college, when you write papers or need a library book. However, I learned most of these techniques in high school and found most of the other students in the course searching on facebook or going on The good thing is though, it did refresh me on how to advance my searches and refine my paper writing abilities.

I guess in retrospect, this was a good course to take and I am just complaning about the walk to the west bank and taking an hour and a half out of my leisure time. I have strong hope that these two courses, unravel 1 and unravel 2, will benefit me in the long run. Thats about it for tonight, and I will talk to you all next time.

September 21, 2006


Hello again everyone. Today I would like to discuss the effects of videogames on college kids. This week I finally got around to hooking up my X-Box to the tv. Along with the X-Box my roommate brought a Nintendo 64. These acount for most of my distractions during the day. After I get done writing a paragraph or finsish a math problem I always say to myself, "good job, now take a ten minute break and play some videogames." Well that ten minutes turns into twenty minutes, and that twenty minutes turns into thirty, and before I know it I am playing for an hour and its time for dinner.

The reason I am bringing this up is because I am honestly afraid. I know that these distractions dont help to manage my time and ultimatly push everything back a couple hours. So my advice to anyone out there is to find a spot where there are no distractions and where you can concentrate, and sit down and read. There will always be times for videogames on the weekends.

September 18, 2006

ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS!!!!!! I have very important news. Don't ask me how much time I spent figuring this out but, if you eat 14 meals a week you spend $8.00 per meal. Thats right you heard me, $8.00 per meal!!!!!! I understand that the food setup is buffet style however $8.00 is a lot of money for one meal for one person. Thats $16.00 per day atleast and $112.00 per week. Where I come from that is called a rip-off. I honeslty think people need to be aware of this and hopefully student government or higher administration can handle this issues.

Now I am not saying that the food here at the University of Minnesota is absolutly horrible, infact it is delicious. There is a wide selection of food and wonderful deserts, however $8.00 is way too much to spend on any meal. And yes I had nothing better to do at the time than to make random calculations, but isnt this an eye opener