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WikiLeaks founder denied bail

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was denied bail Tuesday on a rape charge in Sweden.
Assange was refused bail out of concern from the judge that he would flee the country.
Assange was hiding in London and turned himself in Tuesday, the USA Today said.
Assange's case will be reviewed again on December 14, the Guardian said.
Supporters, including filmmaker Ken Loach and heiress Jemima Khan, offered to help pay for Assange's bail.

Interpol issues 'red notice' for WikiLeaks founder

Interpol issued a "red notice" Tuesday for Julian Assange, the founder of the website WikiLeaks. Assange is wanted in Sweden on suspicion of sexual crimes.
The red notice asks people to contact police if they have information about Assange's whereabouts, the British Broadcasting Corporation said.
Assange's current whereabouts are unknown. He moves regularly from country to country, Reuters said.
"He's my son and I love him and obviously I don't want him hunted down and jailed," Christine Assange, his mother, said. "I'm reacting as any mother would. I'm distressed."

Fire in Shanghai high-rise kills 42

A fire destroyed a high-rise apartment building undergoing rennovations in Shanghai Monday.
At least 42 people were killed and at least 90 others were injured, according to Xinhua, the official news agency.
The fire started in the 28-story in the Jing'an district and quickly spread to the upper floors, Reuters said.
Videos of the fire showed residents trapped on the roof that may have jumped to their deaths, the New York Times said.
The building housed 156 families, official said.

Difficulties remain for Indonesia

The eruption of Indonesia's Mount Merapi has caused 240 people to die, a disaster relief official said Sunday.
Mount Merapi erupted Nov. 5 leaving 400,000 people homeless, authorities told the LA News Monitor. People are advised to not return to homes since the volcano is still active.
Indonesian army commandos led a search-and-rescue mission, the National Public Radio said.
Indonesian officials are working with Japanese volcanologists to monitor the volcano.

Hurricane Tomas spares Haiti

Haiti suffered flooding from Hurricane Tomas, but avoided disaster Saturday.
The storm caused thousands to leave their homes and it increased challenges posed by a cholera epidemic, aid workers told Reuters.
Tomas evaded the west part of Haiti on Friday, but flooded some coastal towns.
Hurricane Tomas' hurricane force winds extended for 25 miles from its core and issued tropical force winds of 120 miles, the Los Angeles Times said.

Death toll rises in Indonesia as hope fades

Rescue workers continued the search for hundreds of missing people on Indonesia's tsunami-hit Mentawai islands. The death toll could rise to around 600, officials said.
The death toll from Monday's 7.7-magnitude earthquake was at 394, while 312 people were listed as missing Ade Edward, head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency in the West Sumatra province, told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur.
Mount Merapi erputed again for 21 minutes Saturday, followed by more than 350 volcanic tremors and 33 ash bursts, the Canadian Press said.
Rescue workers hoped to airdrop aid, but storms made it too dangerous.

Violence erupts in France over pension reforms

Violence erupted between police and demonstrators in France Tuesday in response to the country's retirement reforms.
Nearly 270 marches were staged across France Tuesday in support of the anti-reform movement as the controversial bill is set for final legislative passage by the end of the week.
Cars were burned or damaged during disputes between protestors and police. Hundreds of young people were arrested, Xinhau News Agency said.
"The reform is essential, and France is committed to it and will go ahead with it," President Nicolas Sarkozy told Time.
379 secondary schools were disrupted as hundreds of students walked out to show their refusal to support the rise in retirement age.

Chilean miners return for religious service

Some of the 33 rescued Chilean miners returned to the mine where they spent more than two months trapped underground for a religious service Sunday.
Thirteen survivors and their families participated in a private service Sunday held at the entrance of the San Jose copper and gold mine, Voice of America News reported.
Before the service, the survivors and families visited "Camp Hope," the tent city where relatives and others stayed during the rescue efforts, the Agence France Press said.
The miners were rescued last Wednesday and only one miner remains in a medical clinic.
The wife of this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo, has been placed under house arrest after meeting with her husband Sunday who is serving an 11-year prison sentence in northeastern China.
After the visit, Liu Xia was taken back to Beijing and placed under house arrest, a human rights group told the New York Times.
"Liu Xia is in her Beijing apartment but is no longer allowed to leave her apartment or to have anybody in and her phone has been desetroyed," human rights group Freedom Now's correspondent Beth Schwanke told ABC News.
Mr. Liu was active in the June 4, 1989 movement where nonviolent pro-democracy demonstrators gathered and Chinese troops then killed many.

U.S. admits to controversial study in Guatemala

U.S. officials apologized Friday for a study from 60 years ago that deliberately infected hundreds of people with sexually transmitted diseases in Guatemala.
The apology was prompted after a Wellesley College historian discovered the archived documents. The documents outlined the experiments that tested whether penicillin could prevent infection with sexually transmitted diseases, the Associated Press said.
At least 1,500 people participated in the study.
"No matter how much of a superpower it is, the United States cannot do this kind of experimentation," Nery Rodenas, the chief of the human rights office at the archbishop of Guatemala's office, told the Agence France-Presse.

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