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November 12, 2006

Math in Naiture

One way we can see the relationship between math and our environment is by looking water. Math provides the formulas that show how everything on earth works, and since water covers most of our earth, it too can be explained through the formulas of math. The images below depict some of the ways water is a part of the environments. It is possible for a surfer to ride waves in the ocean because the surfboard has a density less than that of water, providing bouyancy. The velocity of the ocean wave provides thrust for the surfer to stay moving and balenced. Both of these ideas can be expressed in mathematical formulas to quantify velocity or density. The image of Angel Falls illustrates the impact of gravity on water. Just like everything else on our earth is subject to the affects of gravity, water is too. Again, mathematical formulas could be used to describe the velocity at which the water is falling, or the volume of water that falls in a given time. The ripples caused by a stone breaking through the surface of pond can also be described by math. Formulas can determine wavelegnth and magnitude. Math is the language that describes how our physical environment functions.

Rings on a pond.jpg
Angel Falls.jpg