August 6, 2006

Initial Thoughts

Have decided to do my research using Institutional Ethnography. When I applied to the PhD program, I wanted to use a Feminist / Marxist paradigm. After years of quantitative research classes and stats... the circle is closing.
Using the works of Dorothy Smith. When I have been reading her works it is great to see how she has been able to transform her convictions and beliefs in a research method that is well respected w/o loss of idealism.
As a male nurse I guess I will never truly understand what it means to be marginalized to the same extent as most of my colleagues. Yet, the longer I am in the profession, the clearer it has become how many decisions are made based on gender bias. E.g. If nurses bring up concerns regarding patient safety or even personal safety, I have frequently seen it be explained as that they are resistant to change or not willing to think critically.
What are the real forces that are determining how care is being delivered? It is truly “evidence based� and even if studies support a certain practice is that because the studies that might dispute that same point remained unfunded or considered “not of interest�.