instructions on how to write on the blog

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just to help clarify:

to read the blog, go to

1) once there, you can comment to an entry, by clicking on the comment button. it will ask you to sign in and then you can write your statement.

2) or go to
and click on start blogging. you will be offered the opportunity to create an entry (look on the top toolbar). remember to save and preview. it will post when you reload the blog.
also you may choose to change your profile (on the right side of the page). please make sure it says your name. 

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I've had some trouble this week meeting my goals. After successfully finishing the first two parts of my DDF, I can't seem to move on. Hopefully reading and commenting on the others will inspire me to push forward. I've also decided to take on a different approach to writing my paper: outlining my ideas rather than trying to draft in formal prose. I'm hoping that this will at least enable me to get out everything I want to say and then to go back and write formally.

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