Gregg F. Gossens

University of Minnesota - M.Arch '80

Who made the most lasting impression (most influenced you) and why?
The joy of design from Ralph Rapson and his dedication to quality work, and of course good times with my studio-mates.

What is your favorite memory from your studio days?
Camaraderie of the studio.

Please identify one (or more) memorable design project that you worked on while a student at the School of Architecture.
Redevelopment projects in Lower Town of St. Paul. 

What major forces (such as individual architects, design philosophies, rendering styles, research methods, etc.) do you remember influencing you significantly as a student?
Ralph Rapson was my single most influential force. His philosophy of design and dedication to socially responsible design thinking had a big impact on me. Of course his drawing abilities and love of drawing have stayed with me to this day.

Cite an example (be specific) that illustrates how you used the education you received at the School of Architecture to positively impact (or better) your community, city, nation or the world.
Always to think about "the next biggest thing" in a design project.

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