Who says we can't see the ocean on our spring break? 3/11/12

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One word to describe today: Sorry. Sorry because I don't have just one word to explain it! There's no way I could. I feel like such a cheeseball, but I'm really struggling to wrap my mind around being here. HERE. Somewhere in this country, the decision was made to colonize America. Famous figures like Queen Elizabeth, Princess Di, and of course the new Royal Family have probably stepped at at least one location that I have stepped in the past few days. I know for sure Henry XIII ordered the destruction of the Priory we visited today. But of course we couldn't leave the hotel without a traditional English breakfast first! Eggs over easy, friend tomatoes, and "back" bacon (back of the pig?). Definitely not the syrup drenched carbs I am used to at Centennial dining hall, but I'm not complaining! A metro ride brought us to the postcard town of Tynemouth on the coast of the North Sea where we visited the famous Priory--the ruins of the castle and cathedral of Friar Simon and a line of famous kings. Spectacular architecture with stunning durability. The detail of the stone was breathtaking! Yes yes yes I know my friends are excited about their cruises and trips to Mexico, but the ocean breeze (more like ocean turbo jet winds) cooling me off while eating fish and chips? Sounds like a prettttty good combo! A walk down the pier to the lighthouse, and a trip to a famers-like market to shop for vintage sweaters topped of the day! We took a double-decker bus back to the metro, where we met an insanely adorable newly-three year old boy, who couldn't resist from telling us the favorite toy he received on his special birthday and the plans his family had to go to the park. We also got a recording of him singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Bob The Builder for us in the most adorable British accent I have ever heard. I want a British child. Or maybe I can train my kids to speak in an accent? Is that a bad consideration? I'm not ruling it out completely...  Finally, dinner at Unos Italian--tomato basil ravioli and profiteroles for dessert--back in Newcastle ended a refreshing and eye-opening first real day here in the UK! More tomorrow--xoxo 

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