Administrative support for study abroad program

Study abroad plays an important role in the student experience and the college is committed to sustaining and increasing these programs. We are pleased to announce that, effective July 30, for the 2007-08 academic year David Lowe will be providing support to the college's study abroad efforts. This is a 50% assignment, with Lowe dividing his effort between study abroad and administrative support to the Metropolitan Design Center.

We are very pleased that Lowe agreed to assume this important role. Over the next few weeks, he will be meeting with some of you to become oriented to the college's study abroad programs and participants. He will also be working with the Learning Abroad Center and our finance staff to develop and streamline systems and processes to better serve the faculty. While Lowe won't be able to provide support for all of the college's study abroad activities, at 50%-time, we are confident he will be able to contribute significantly to many critical aspects.

Please stop by and introduce your self to David. He is located at the front desk of the Metropolitan Design Center, 1 Rapson Hall.