Budget & Financial Services Office reorganization

To prepare for implementation of new Enterprise Financial System (EFS) in July 2008, a staff reorganization in the Budget & Financial Services Office is underway.

First, a new dedicated data analyst position is being created. The University controller's office is recommending that this position be added to collegiate accounting clusters because the EFS reports will not be fully developed for some time after implementation and it is unclear at this point how the PeopleSoft financials "canned´┐Ż? reports will meet the needs of PIs and other managers. This position will support financial reporting needs across the entire college. Funding for a new position is not available; therefore, Jill Bezecny has agreed to take on this responsibility.

Bezecny's experience as team-lead for the Minneapolis financial services team, accountant with CALA, and strong accounting background, give her the skills and expertise to take on this responsibility. Bezecny is already transitioning into this new role. Her new duties officially begin August 15, 2007. Her office will be in 32 McNeal, St. Paul campus. In her new position Bezecny will provide service to the college in the area of grants oversight and reporting for all sponsored and non-sponsored grant funding. She will also provide oversight in the management of gift funds at the Foundation, specifically in the area of forecasting available funding and will also coordinate withdrawals. Bezecny will be in charge of college-wide financial reporting. I encourage you to meet with her to make sure your reporting requirements are being met now and in the new system.

Arlene Jones-Swenson will become supervisor of both the Minneapolis and St. Paul financial services teams on August 15. Her current experience as team lead of the St. Paul financial services team and previous experience supervising the DHA accounting team give her the expertise to take on this broader role. To ensure continued accessible service, Jones-Swenson will have office space on both campuses and will split her time between the two. Monday and Tuesday she plans to be in 32 McNeal Hall, Wednesday and Thursday she will be in 109 Rapson Hall. Fridays will alternate but in the beginning will most likely be in Minneapolis. Jones-Swenson will provide management of non-grant funding, specifically O&M, external sales, and other unrestricted activity. She will also supervise the payroll functions of the college. Jones-Swenson will directly supervise David Howe, and Bethany Frappier on the Minneapolis campus and Pat Wright, Karen Greeder, and Nancy Galas on the St. Paul campus. Both Bezecny and Jones-Swenson will continue to report directly to Rose Blixt.

The goal in implementing these changes prior to the EFS go-live date is to ensure that Bezecny and Jones-Swenson have the time to build relationships with department and research center personnel, acquire the training they will need to effectively perform their work, and gain the confidence of college constituencies.

The new financial system will provide new challenges and we ask your continued support and patience as we become a cohesive team well-prepared to serve the college.

Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail Rose Blixt <rblixt@umn.edu> if you have specific questions or concerns regarding the shift in personnel.