New bereavement policy for faculty and P&A employees

Until now, there has not been a formal policy covering bereavement leave for faculty and P&A employees. There is now an administrative policy: Bereavement Leave for Faculty and Academic Professional and Administrative Employees and administrative procedures: Notifying/Requesting and Approving Bereavement Leave accompanying the policy. Within this policy, provisions are provided for paid bereavement leave for eligible employees experiencing a significant personal loss due to the death of an immediate or other family member as defined within the policy.

Administrative policies and procedures can also be accessed online through the University Policy Office Web site (click on "Human Resources").

Please familiarize yourself with the policy and provisions. As noted in the policy, it is the responsibility of the unit/department to do the following:

  1. Establish unit-specific guidelines and procedures for taking of paid bereavement leave.

  2. Inform responsible administrators/supervisors and impacted employees of the policy and procedures.

  3. Track total days of paid bereavement leave used for annual reporting to the Office of Human Resources.

We ask that employees notify the supervisor of the need for bereavement leave due to the death of an immediate or other family member at the earliest possible time, as designated in the policy. Questions regarding the new policy may be addressed to Missy Collins, CDes HR specialist, or Jan Batt, CDes HR director.