Design Democracy fellowship finalists

The six Design Democracy fellowship finalists, all M. Arch. students, have been announced: Josh Ehr, Malea Jochim, Amanda Olson, Derek Peterson, Nate Steuerwald, and Shengyin Xu.

The fellowship -- established through gifts from Target Corporation and from individual architecture alumni, firms, and allied professions -- supports professional degree architecture students. Promoting the values of design democracy -- good design, every day, for everyone -- the fellowship recognizes exemplary projects.

Contributors include Ericksen Roed and Associates, Mulvanny G2 Architecture, Michaud Cooley Erickson and Assoc., MBH Architects Inc., RSP Architects, Pickard Chilton Architects Inc., Ryan Companies US, Target Corporation, Scott Berry, Dennis Mulvey, and Rich Varda.

Second-year professional degree architecture students are eligible for the award. Students apply at the end of their second year in the M. Arch. program. From the applicants, finalists are selected and make public presentations to compete for two $5,000 awards.

The fellowships are awarded based on academic achievement, an essay, portfolio review, and presentation. Winning presentations should demonstrate thoughtful, original, dynamic, and timeless solutions to common design problems using forms and materials that represent creative, practical, and cost-effective use of resources. Eligible projects may originate from within or from outside of the studio, but must have been produced in an academic setting from 2007-08.

Jurors for the award are Tom Fisher (Architecture), Jan Abrams (Design Institute), Scott Berry, and Rich Varda (practitioners; Architecture alumni).