InformeDesign: A clearinghouse of design-related academic research

InformeDesign is profiled by Braulio Agnese in the July issue of Architect magazine.

Caren Martin (DHA) tells Agnese that she and Denise Guerin (DHA) are "trying to make research accessible and fast and a normal part of practice."

"InformeDesign's main product is research summaries, which distill design and human-behavior research articles from academic, peer-reviewed journals into language and concepts practitioners can understand. But this isn't research lite, and findings are not skewed in any way. [The University of Minnesota] is a top research institution, and 'it's important that the University owns the site,' says Martin, because it underscores InformeDesign's serious, objective mission. 'Our goal is to publish all research,' she says. 'We do not make value judgments.'"