Deliving deeper

"Delving deeper"
By Erin George, continuum, the magazine of the University of Minnesota Libraries, Fall/Winter 2007

Erin George, investigating the Borchert Map Library, cites a class Laura Musacchio (Landscape Architecture) and John Koepke (Landscape Architecture) were teaching, Ecological Dimensions of Spacemaking. George quotes Musacchio extensively:

"Musacchio explains, 'Our students worked on a master plan project that sought to breathe new life into Lake Sarita, a degraded wetland that is located off the Transit Way and Steam Plant on the (University's) St. Paul campus. The goal of the project is to use Lake Sarita as a living laboratory for environmental education, stormwater management, and wildlife habitat by restoring its wetland features.' Students used the Borchert Map Library to document how wetlands, lakes, and streams near the St. Paul campus were altered, buried, and destroyed by urban growth. Using resources from Borchert, the class 'found that Lake Sarita was once a good-sized lake, but it was filled in over time and only a small remnant wetland now remains,' Musacchio says. Several students, as a result of their field work and research in Borchert, were selected to present their master plan projects to the Stormwater Linkage Committee and provide important creative inspiration for future planning."