Do no harm? Hospitals are at least doing less

"Do no harm? Hospitals are at least doing less"
By Maura Lerner, Star Tribune, January 17, 2008

Kathleen Harder (Research and Outreach) is quoted in this article about a nearly 20 percent drop in errors reported by Minnesota hospitals in 2007. "Everybody is working on information overload," Harder told the paper. "A surgeon might have many different cases during a day [and] might be thinking about another case. People aren't as vigilant as they should be when everything's routine. You just get into the flow and then something happens," Harder said in an attempt to diagnose the breakdowns in the operating room. Harder, who worked with Fairview's University of Minnesota hospital to reduce the number of objects left in patients during surgery, believes the solution is to "create a work environment that helps people catch mistakes before they happen."