Doin' the DEED (AEC Insight Column)

"Doin' The DEED (AEC Insight Column)"
By Jerry Laiserin, cadalyst, January 1, 2008

Renee Cheng (Architecture) is cited in this article about digital design tools. Cheng says today's students "come in with great fluency in digital tools, so that schools of architecture no longer need to teach computer skills or specific software." She goes on to note "students don't choose tools well and often stick with them too long -- they get stuck but don't always know enough to know that they're stuck." Therefore, Cheng says, the role of the educator is "to push students to use different tools and media... to ask different questions about the design. Any tool is more powerful if it is part of a cycle of digital and analog, going back and forth, rather than a linear progression from sketching first, then digital modeling, with no return."