Drawn Here: Teddy Cruz, Estudio Teddy Cruz

Architect Teddy Cruz lectures as part of the Walker Art Center's Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes exhibition on Thursday, February 28, at 7 p.m.

Free tickets for Cruz's lecture, "Drawn Here: Teddy Cruz, Estudio Teddy Cruz," are available at the Bazinet Garden Lobby desk from 6 p.m.

From the Walker's Web site description of Cruz's lecture:

"In a society increasingly obsessed with policing borders and erecting boundaries, architect Teddy Cruz operates in the zone between countries, disciplines, and cultures. "We should be turning our attention away from the wall and towards the landscape, the ecology, and the communities," says Cruz, whose work is featured in the exhibition Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes. He has followed that admonition with projects of passion, gaining critical acclaim for engaging issues of community, sociability, and immigration, and for collaborating with community-based nonprofit organizations on affordable, sustainable housing and its potential to transform urban policy. A native of Guatemala, Cruz has won the prestigious Rome Prize in Architecture, had his own longtime architecture practice (Estudio Teddy Cruz), and is a teacher in the visual arts department of the University of California, San Diego."