College draft constitution and bylaws

Draft versions of the College of Design constitution and bylaws are now available for comment.

Extended comment documents

  • Bob Sykes (Landscape Architecture) comments (.pdf; 116Kb)


In Section 3: Collegiate Centers, it reads "Centers may operate for the purpose of fundraising." I'm not sure what this means. Generally, fund raising is a means to help Centers further some purpose, but fund raising per se is not the goal of a Center.

Although this document may not be the place for it, a more detailed description of how Center's fulfill the College's mission, and thus their purpose relevant to the College, might be of value.

I think that there are some problems with the language in Section 3: Collegiate Centers

Section V.3.1 states: 'Collegiate centers are organizational units within the college concerned with research and
outreach, whose purpose is to promote studies based on faculty interests or external opportunities.'

This language suggests that external efforts may only (?) arise as 'opportunities.' I wonder if there could be another category of 'mission-related objectives.'

I agree with Thomas about the awkwardness of the language 'Centers may operate for the purposes of fundraising (grants, foundation or private donations);...'

The point is that 'Centers may operate to seek external awards and contracts for mission-related research, outreach and other scholarly work.'

The language in the next subsection, V.3.2, on governance by faculty will make it impossible for Centers to be nimble enough to carry out their missions either on a project mgt. basis or in terms of responding to and developing grant or contract proposals. Having a faculty advisory board makes a great deal of sense and I think the U actually requires such, but having center directors reporting to that board does not.