Solomonson featured in campus preservation article and video

The University has invested more than $400 million since 1997 into preserving its historic buildings. The preservation activities help the University maintain its sense of place.

Associate Dean Kate Solomonson is the primary source in a U of M Foundation article on the University's preservation activities:

"Historic buildings are not just physical entities; they connect with the past. Their loss impoverishes the University. For anyone who has a relationship with the University, there are buildings they deeply associate with their experiences. ... Historic preservation involves thinking not only about buildings, but also about the green or open space, trees and plantings, sidewalks, even fields that are part of an integrated cultural landscape. ... All of these components are part of a whole that shapes the spaces we pass through and experience as part of our daily lives on campus. They're also part of the iconic image and values presented beyond the world of the campus that anchor us in our history as we look to the future."

Solomonson is also featured in a preservation video tour of the buildings on the University's mall.