Schlichting dance, "Love Things," commissioned

Chris Schlichting's (Student Services) dance, "Love Things," is part of the Momentum series, a co-commission with the Southern Theater and the Walker Art Center. When asked about "Love Things," which Schlichting both choreographed and appears in as a dancer, explained, "One curse and blessing of being a choreographer is the duty of describing work when you've selected dance as your medium of expression. I'm constantly talking about dance, but when it comes to labeling my work I'm particular because I want to leave room for the imagination the same way an abstract painter would." With that caveat, Schlichting describes the piece as a "kinetic conversation about constructs of fantasy in and outside of dance through the lens of vernacular and formal dance. The work also considers movement as landscapes and architecture and it considers a lot of other things I'd be glad to discuss with people if they have questions after the performance."

"Love Things" runs July 17-19, 2008 at the Southern Theater.