Design Camp 2008 wrap-up

Last month, John Comazzi (Architecture) and Wendy Friedmeyer (Design Institute) coordinated a Design Camp for Teachers with the Highlands Elementary School in Edina. Instructors -- including Comazzi and Friedmeyer, Bruce Wright (Design Minor Fellow), Daniel Jasper (Graphic Design), Scott Christensen (formerly of the Design Institute), and Cheryl Wilgren Clyne (Art) worked with 24 teachers and 40 children to design a lemonade pavilion during the three-day design workshop.

Additionally, the team worked with the Highlands teachers to develop curricula for the integration of design-based learning in their classrooms.

Each instructor lead design workshops focusing on fabric architecture, graphic design, product design, and technology/journalism. The three-day event concluded with a public celebration of the work produced by the children and teachers. A documentary film that chronicles the effort is in production.