A blueprint for good

"A blueprint for good"
By Francie Latour, The Boston Globe, August 24, 2008

Dean Tom Fisher is cited in this feature article on the social impacts of free architecture. "If doctors said they were only going to treat the medical needs of the wealthy, we would be outraged," Fisher told Latour. "But that is what architecture has done. And it's not acceptable."

Fisher is quoted in the final paragraph of the article, speaking about the clean hubs project (self-contained ecosystem structures that generate electricity, provide water, and process human waste currently being used in New Orleans): "I actually think what we're about to see is the emergence of almost two different professions. The reality is that no amount of pro bono can come close to meeting the needs out there that exist, because the needs are so vast. A public health version of our field is going to have very different clients and a very different business model. You'll be designing different things, but they'll be things that can potentially be replicated millions of times to benefit millions of people."