Bogle launches eecee bb and Small Sage

Beth Bogle (M.A. DHA 2007) has launched eece bb and Small Sage clothing in Minneapolis. Interweaving fine art and design with children's imaginative ideas, Bogle's business features ready-to-wear clothing for kids, including Small Sage organic cotton items, and collaboratively designed apparel -- where clients contribute creative ideas to the result, made just for them. Bogle says, "kids who do the collaborative design get to learn about the design process, make art that is integrated into the clothing, see where the garment is created, and wear something that expresses their own leanings and imaginations. The idea is locally produced, imaginative, modern designs that carry with them a sense of community and self-expression." Eecee bb also offers family-centered design events, women's apparel, and products to promote beauty, creative freedom, and thoughtfulness in everyday life.