Sum of the Parts

sum-of-parts.jpgIndividual strands interlock and interlace to create structure. Multiple units connect becoming composition and texture. Color, pattern, and imagery combine into complex surfaces. In this exhibition, the Surface Design Association showcases work by its members to create a whole that is more than simply the Sum of the Parts.

As part of the Surface Design Association's 2007 International Conference held at the Kansas City Art Institute, members were invited to submit work measuring 52" x 18" for an installation showcasing innovative use of textiles. The 100 pieces juried into this exhibition utilize fibers and materials ranging from window screening to gold leaf, bamboo to baling twine, chicken wire to silk organza. The works are hand dyed, woven, knitted, crocheted, quilted, batiked, rusted, composted, digitally printed, hand stitched, painted, discharged, fused, appliqued, hooked, Jacquard woven, collaged, stamped, braided, screen printed, bonded, felted, embroidered, waxed, and pieced.

Sum of the Parts: Surface Design Association Membership Exhibition opens Saturday, November 22 at the Goldstein Museum of Design and runs through January 18, 2009.

Image credit: Linda B. Dunn Cambridge, MA, USA, Footnote, 2007, cotton, procion dye, fabric paint, acrylic paint, embroidery floss machine pieced, dyed, screen printed, painted.