Hokanson class "fills" McNeal Hall atrium

The assignment: fill the McNeal Hall arium -- all four stories of it -- any way possible. On December 15, 1:30-3:30 p.m., five groups of Brad Hokanson's (Graphic Design) DHA 1111 "Creative Problem Solving" students will have 15 minutes each to address that creative challenge for their final exam.

Yesterday, during the class's session, the McNeal Hall atrium was filled with all 87 of Hokanson's students dancing under the instruction of a professional zumba instructor. Zumba is an aerobic exercise combining aspects of mambo, salsa, rumba, cumbia, reggae, and calypso dance movements.

DHA 1111 zumba dance participants in McNeal Hall atrium. Photograph by Brad Hokanson.

"The zumba dancing is meant to be a preview for the final, to get students to start thinking about creative ways in which they can fill the atrium," Hokanson told the University's news service. "This is the first time I've ever tried this final exam project idea... Dancing is just one of the ways we've found we can fill that space, but it could also include things like objects, sound, smell, or even laughter."

DHA 1111 zumba dance participants in McNeal Hall atrium, from first floor. Photograph by Brad Hokanson.