Contract magazine names Cary designer of the year

Contract magazine, in its January 2009 issue, names John Cary (B.Arch 1999) and John Peterson designers of the year. Cary is executive director of Public Architecture; Peterson is president and founder.

In an editorial announcing the award, Contract editor Jennifer Thiele Bush, writes, "... our 2009 Designers of the Year are dedicated to harnessing the power of design to address harsh reality in the world. In an age where the desire to 'give back' seems to be a growing response to the weariness of excess, John Peterson and John Cary of San Francisco-based Public Architecture have increased awareness around the possibilities of socially responsible design, inspired a greater sense of purpose among those interested in practicing it, and -- most importantly -- offered a practical, organized approach to executing it."

"One of the things that we're focused on a great deal here at Public Architecture is bringing design into places that wouldn't otherwise benefit from it," Cary tells writer Katie Weeks in an article about the award. "Right now design suffers from kind of a class issue in that it costs money to get things that are truly designed. That's one of the things we're trying to break down."