The Green House: New Designs in Sustainable Architecture & Design

The Green House: New Designs in Sustainable Architecture & Design
January 12-March 8, 2009
HGA Gallery, Rapson Hall

The National Building Museum's acclaimed exhibition The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture and Design is the first to explore the field of green residential design as it reaches a turning point of acceptance by both home builders and the general public.

Photographic images and drawings of 22 projects from around the world document the emergence of a new brand of sustainable building. Architects and builders now view sustainability as a catalyst for creative home design and have also begun to think strategically about the environmental costs of building. These new houses are conceived as systems with extended life cycles that must meet green standards throughout the design, construction, and living process. Environmental responsibility is an integral, but not always conspicuous, aspect of the contemporary house.

Project architects such as Rick Joy, Jennifer Siegel and William McDonough (United States), Stuhlmacher + Korteknie (the Netherlands), Peter Carmichael (Australia), Werner Sobek (Germany), Shigeru Ban (Japan), and many others are presented in this exhibition.

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Monday, February 23, 6 p.m., 100 Rapson Hall
John Carmody, director, and William Weber, senior research fellow, Center for Sustainable Building Research

Housing design is in a state of major transformation in Minnesota and the rest of the world in order to meet aggressive goals for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions. Recent research and examples of sustainable approaches to housing will be presented.