Budget update: Friday meetings advance materials

Dear Colleagues,

As you have no doubt gathered from the frequency of my messages this week, there is a lot of information regarding the budget situation that I want to share. The deans and I are committed to keeping the process as transparent as possible. This includes giving you as much detail as we can, as we know it.

Our goal at the faculty and staff meetings on Friday is to generate discussion and ideas to inform our decision making. To aid the use of our time, I have recorded a presentation that covers a number of key points. In the presentation, I outline the provost's criteria and principles, the deans' basis for decision-making, four scenarios for addressing the budget cuts, and a first-draft of answers to the Compact questions set before us.

There is a lot of material to digest. I hope your schedules allow you at least some time to review it before Friday. Please bring your best questions and ideas, no matter how unconventional. We need your participation!