In Memoriam: Gloria Cherne Hogan

Gloria Cherne Hogan, one of the founders of the Friends of the Goldstein has died. Hogan's founding interest and association with the Goldstein over the museum's 25 year history has included roles as past president and active board member of the Friends of the Goldstein. A guest curator and donor of fashion garments to the gallery, her interest centers on the Goldstein's ever-growing costume collection, which she believes will reach national prominence. She was co-owner of Siegel-Hogan Enterprises (SHE) the first all-women public relations company in Minneapolis. Hogan was former Twin Cities bureau chief of Fairchild Publications for 25 years and winner of their business writing award and was also a business columnist for the Minneapolis Star and a fashion/business writer for Corporate Report, Twin Cities Woman, Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine, Skyway News, and Real Estate Journal. She authored several books, including a biography of Elizabeth Quinlan.

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Their soul should find peace in the afterlife.