Buckman Fellowship applications being accepted

Members of the College of Design community are invited to apply for the 2009-10 Mertie Buckman Fellowship in Leadership and Philanthropy, a year-long fellowship in leadership process and philanthropic outcomes. The application deadline is April 1, 2009. The fellowship is available to all faculty, staff, and current and former College of Design graduate students.

Lin Nelson-Mayson (Goldstein Museum of Design) is a former Buckman Fellow. Her goal for the fellowship was to apply the training to increase the museum's viability.

Nancy Miller (Center for World Heritage Studies) is one of the current Buckman Fellows. Her goal is to develop plans that match the projects and initiatives of the Center for World Heritage Studies.

For more information contact Marilyn DeLong (612-624-1219 or mdelong@umn.edu) or Jane Newell (612-624-6957 or newe0016@umn.edu).