M.Arch students ready fifth issue of THERE Journal of Design for publication

Student staff members of the College of Design's THERE Journal of Design are currently finalizing content for the the fifth issue of the publication, "Border Crossings." The anticipated publication date is May 10, 2009 and it will be available from Amazon. Submissions for this issue were received from design professionals all over the world and numbered nearly twice as many as previous issues. Submissions included a wide variety of subjects, including a UNESCO World Heritage site and historic preservation of a significant cultural landscape, a utopian village in Antarctica, and graphic design of packaging to make consumers more aware of a product's manufacturing "story."

Student staff members were all M.Arch students and included Angela Boersma (managing editor), John Steingraeber, Simona Fischer, Kyle Veldhouse, James Thompson, Hans-Christian Karlberg, Erin Lilli, Federico Lammers Garcia, Michelle Ney, Andrew Salveson, and Kirk Mazzeo.