Martin awarded professional development grant

Roger Martin (Landscape Architecture, emeritus) has been awarded a professional development grant through the University Retirees Association (UMRA) for his "Illusion in Exterior Space: Perception Manipulation and Place Making on the Land" project.

The $3,500 grants are intended "to support retirees who require financial assistance to pursue projects related to their research,instructional or other work history, and that contribute to the educational, scholarly, and academic missions of the University." The grants are open to faculty, P&A, and civil service retirees.

"In my teaching and research, I have given special focus to the ways in which designers have manipulated physical space to enhance the experiences of their users," Martin says. "In the process, I have developed a theory of what I call 'Illusion in Place Making,' a theory that grows out of detailed analyses of how humans perceive physical spaces. After the careful study of over 1000 significant settings, I have discovered more than 20 design devices that have been utilized by creative designers in different cultures and eras as they have manipulated human perceptions of physical settings. The work results from over 50 years of observing characteristics of gathering places and asking what makes these places truly memorable. I have shared my discoveries of these design devices with graduate students in Landscape Architecture. I now plan to make my lecture notes and handouts, along with images of some of these special places in sketch, diagram and photographic form more accessible by organizing my materials into a digital format suitable for publication. The document is intended to provide a resource for designers in their quest to create memorable gathering places."

Martin requested $3,500 to support a research fellow.