Neckar helps organize Water, Culture and the Public: A Participatory Exploration

Lance Neckar (Landscape Architecture) helped organize the cross-disciplinary discourse for "Water, Culture and the Public: A Participatory Exploration, April 20-21, 2009. The National Science Foundation-sponsored exhibition, Water, at the Science Museum of Minnesota -- created jointly with the American Museum of Natural History -- catalyzed the cross-disciplinary approach of this event.

The exploration program, organized by Steve Kelley and Leah Wilkes of the Humphrey Institute's Center for Science, Technology, and Public Policy, and by staff of the Science Museum of Minnesota was supported by the Department of Landscape Architecture and the Water Resources Center. Presentations by landscape architects, scientists, and public policy professionals focused conversations with public officials, agency representatives, and citizens on issues raised by the exhibition and more locally at the intersections of design, science, and public policy. David Pitt (Landscape Architecture) and Landscape Architecture alumni Fred Rozumalski (BLA, 1988) and Peter MacDonagh (BLA, 1981)were among invited participants.