Twenty College of Design faculty members are Imagine Fund winners

The University's $1.3 million Imagine Fund for the arts, humanities, and design -- available to tenured faculty at the University -- arose out of the recognition that the arts, humanities, and design have many fewer sources of funding than the sciences to support our research. The Imagine Fund was created from a major McKnight Foundation gift, with added support from funds within the Graduate School and Office of the Vice President for Research.

A total of 20 College of Design faculty members are Imagine Fund $3,000 Annual Award winners:

  • Lucy Dunne (Apparel Design); "Wired aesthetics: new frontiers in clothing design"

  • Ozayer Saloojee (Architecture); "(in)formal architecture: Race, identity and belonging in South Africa's minority communities"

  • Marc Swackhamer (Architecture); "Open source wall application"

  • John Comazzi (Architecture); "Balthazar Korab: Architect of photography -- a traveling exhibition"

  • Juanjuan Wu (Retail Merchandising); "From the imperial to the modern: 20th century Chinese fashion and design"

  • Blaine Brownell (Architecture); "Matter in the floating world"

  • Benjamin Ibarra-Sevilla (Architecture); "Studies in fabrorum geometry: Stone cutting and its application in architecture"

  • Andrzej Piotrowski (Architecture); "Publication of the Architecture of Thought book"

  • Missy Bye (Apparel Design); "The integration of ultrasonic welder technology into apparel design practice"

  • Barbara Martinson (Graphic Design); "Sustainable surface design: reducing the use of hazardous substances in dyeing and printing"

  • Cynthia Jara (Architecture); "Archival travel for the Forest Hills experiment"

  • Stephen Weeks (Architecture); "Building the extra-ordinary ordinarily"

  • Leon Statkowski (Architecture); "Minnesota buildings and landscapes: Field research for book"

  • Renee Cheng (Architecture); "Next generation practice: Documenting innovation in architectural and design practices"

  • Steven McCarthy (Graphic Design); "Intense ruby red: From Irish blood to French wine, and back again"

  • Julia Robinson (Architecture); "What is so extraordinary about Dutch housing and urbanism? An American perspective"

  • Leslie Van Duzer (Architecture); "Beautiful misconceptions"

  • Ritu Bhatt (Architecture); "Everyday aesthetics and cognition: An exploration of Tibetan Buddhist spatial practices"

  • Kristine Miller (Landscape Architecture); "Almost home: The public work of Gertrude Jekyll"

  • Lance LaVine (Architecture); "Place-empathetic architecture"