Hokanson leading Design and Society seminar in Copenhagen

Brad Hokanson (Graphic Design) is currently leading a University global seminar called Design and Society in Copenhagen. Students participating include Brooke Helgerson, Sam Daley, Matt Thompson, Melissa Granlund, Kara Sweeney (all Architecture), Andrew Garcia (Graphic Design), and Allie Klynderud (Housing Studies).

The seminar was open to all University students and examines the role of design across society. It looks at graphic, toy, industrial, architectural, and transportation design with a generalist approach. One central question of the seminar is how design in all forms has reached such a high level of importance in Danish society, common throughout Scandinavia.


One of the small houses in an allotment garden in Copenhagen, a long-running tradition of public gardens provided to renters for food production, and which now serve as weekend homes for much of the citizenry.

Working in conjunction with the Danish International School (DIS), the group has visited Kronborg Slot in Helsingor (Hamlet's Castle), industrial design firms Hay and Stelton, and the Danish Design Center in Copenhagen among other locales.


Examining the reuse of the canal system developed for trade by Christian IV in the 17th century and currently the focus of urban redevelopment efforts.

The course's wiki is available as are images from the seminar. The images and text written by the participants will be included in a book published online in both paper and digital form.

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how cool!

kayaking the canals in Copenhagen.

say that three times fast.

anyway, those pics bring back memories.