Monday Minute, June 22, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Last week I shared general numbers regarding the impact of the budget cuts on college personnel. This week, I wanted to convey some of the effects these cuts will have on the delivery of services in the college.
Because of reductions in their number and appointments, our staff will likely require longer lead times and have slower response times to requests for everything from marketing materials to financial information to course advising. A smaller staff will also have less capacity to accommodate unanticipated needs, whether they involve seeking money, staging events, or loading software. Meanwhile, constrained budgets will mean cut backs in scheduled activities such as the frequency of lectures, the number of printed publications, or the upgrading of technology.

These reductions, in other words, will affect everyone in the college, and I deeply regret the negative impact they will have. I also remain ever grateful to our staff, whether on reduced appointments or not, for taking on more work because of unfilled positions or the reassignment of responsibilities. This coming year, things may take longer or happen less often then they did before, but the more supportive and patient we are with each other, the better off we all will be.