Monday Minute, June 29, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

By now you have likely heard that the Board of Regents approved cutting 1,240 faculty and staff positions, a little less than seven percent of the 18,000 employees at the University. Layoffs represented 370 jobs or 30 percent of the cut, according to Richard Pfutzenreuter, the University's chief financial officer. Other reductions came from positions eliminated in conjunction with the retirement incentive option (18 percent) and from not filling open faculty positions (17 percent), open staff positions (23 percent), and open student positions (12 percent).

The College of Design has done everything we can to minimize layoffs as well. Out of a full-time faculty and staff of 210, we have eliminated seven positions and reduced two positions to nine-month appointments. Another 21 administrative staff members have reduced appointments in place, equivalent to the reduction of 2.70 full-time positions.

These reductions should remind us that, as a community, we have a lot of work to do this coming academic year to focus on core priorities and develop short- and long-term strategies to build revenue to meet the FY11 reductions and begin replacing the $2.2 million FY10 shortfall.

I'll be recording a message later this week, providing more details about our situation and suggesting some ways we can improve our financial situation. Watch for an e-mail with the link!